Friday, February 5, 2010

37 Weeks

Yesterday means 3 weeks left until we meet our son. This of course is unless God decides to send him early. I've had so many people ask me, "are you ready?" My response has been "as ready as I can be." Maybe my response should have been "are you kidding me, what kind of question is that!" How could I be ready? I mean I've never been a father before. How do I know how to take care of a baby?

I think that these sort of questions linger because of fear, obviously right? I'm not so sure this is the only reason. Can't these questions linger because of excitement? Absolutely! I am excited. Excited because of the unknown. Excited because here comes something in my life and my wife's life that has our blood running through his body. Here comes a God-given human being that will have features of myself and my wife. Isn't that cool? That's exciting because I'm good looking and my wife is better looking. We will have a good looking boy and we can't wait to meet him!

Other questions linger, such as, how do I raise a boy to be a good, generous, loving, sweet, honest, hard-working and respectful Christian? I can read books for information. I've already read books seeking guidance in regards to this matter. A problem with this is that I've forgotten what I read. It all sounded good when I read it, but now a few weeks later, what did that book say about teaching your boy to respect others who respect you? What did it say about teaching him to be a giver and not a taker? Pray is what I say! And have confidence. I will constantly pray for wisdom and guidance. We will be good parents!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a nice poem...

My Son

As I feel you in Mom's belly, I wonder...
I wonder what you look like as God creates you in His likeness.
Will you have my lips?
Will you have Mom's nose?
Will you have my cheeks or her toes?

As I feel you kick, I dream...
I dream about the good times we will soon share.
Will you like football or golf?
Will you like playing in the yard?
Will you like to sing or strum a guitar?

As I watch you come into this world, I will ask Him...
I will ask Him for guidance and wisdom.
Will He answer?
Will He listen?
Will He help us as Christians?

The most important thing I will teach you...
Yes God will answer.
Yes God will listen.
Yes He will help us as Christians.

You are unique.
You are loved.
You are a blessing.
See you soon my son as I will teach you these lessons.

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart." Jeremiah 1:5