Friday, March 12, 2010


Fatherhood...what can I say? A terrifying experience; a scary change; a shocking new addition; a far cry from what I expected. I shall respond by saying check, check, check and check. At least thats what I felt just before my son was born and a smidgeon of time after he was born. Now I say a wonderful experience; a blessed change; an extraordinary new addition; but yes still a far cry from what I expected.

I will tell you why "a far cry from what I expected." Before the birth of Tyler I had so many ideas about how our new life would go. My wife and I would galliantly whisk him in the house on the first day with utmost confidence protruding from our skin. We would whisper ever so gently to him when he started crying and he would stop right away. We would put him in his crib by himself from day one and he would sleep the whole night through. When he gets hungry my wife would immediately satisfy him by offering her milk-filled boobies and it would be as easy as making a PB&J. Hey, I read the Complete Idiot's Guide to Fatherhood so it can't be that bad...(queue the vinyl record screeching)...can it?

All my dreams of being the perfect parents and having the perfect baby have been thrown out the window. His drawers that were full of perfectly folded, color coded onsies now look like a hurricane visited. My spotless clean house now looks like the Bumpess' dogs from the Christmas Story rampaged through the front door and out the back. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! Now that I see how our lives are changing, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm glad that I don't have all the answers. Hooray for not knowing right off the bat how to stop my child from crying. Kudos to me for him not sleeping in his crib like I thought he would the first night. The only comment I will make about my wife feeding baby from the boobies are my hero honey!

My point is this...if we could of been the perfect parents and whisked him in like I was describing in paragraphs before, it would be boring! For one, we would not be bonding with Tyler like we are now. Secondly, my wife and I would not be growing closer in our mutual attempt to do what God has asked us to do. Honestly I didn't think my wife and I could get any closer. I mean we can finish each others sentences and now even closer, thanks Lord!

Before I go please hear me out. All my life I've always heard people say "its all about the baby now". Huh? If you make it all about the baby, your marriage will dissolve! I've seen this happen to marriages. Instead, it should be "its all about the family now". Men, not only do you have the responsibility of helping your loved one with taking care of the baby and doing it with a smile, but you still have the responsibility of taking care of her, and you better do that with a smile also! Make sure your wife always knows how beautiful she is and how needed she is.

To my wife, you are so special to me. You are more beautiful than words can describe. I need you more now than I ever have before, but I have no worries because in thine are super mom! I love you baby!

Now men...that's how you do it!


  1. good post nicky, you will be a fabulous father!
    he's adorable.

  2. I always knew that I liked you and now I know why! LOL! Seriously, if all men would admit to this and love their wives and children like this, divorce would not existence!